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You are welcome to the official blog site for Levelocity.

Levelocity is mainly concerned with clean tech discussions around the world.

Renewable energy is a globally important trend that is fast-becoming the foremost concern in economic and environmental issues for most countries. This relatively recent attention arises as a result of the climate change effect caused by global warming.

The objective of this blog is aimed at using simple real-life examples to describe the various topics under the concept of emerging technologies.


It will also attempt to tweak your understanding of conventional ideas and beliefs by using very simple analogies like how “the human body is simply just a simple complication of organs (that are not meant to confuse anybody) and organs are simply just parts of the interconnection”. Ok, maybe that’s not a good simple example but however, we believe that with the right feedback through comments and interactions, we can synchronize our levels of understandings.

It’s interesting how even being simple is a complex task these days, and how complex we make simple things for ourselves.

All in all, it is important to mention that viewing this blog with an open-mind is highly recommended because it’s the best way to approach both simple and complex concepts.

Most of the time, the subject matter will be explained with a ’cause and effect’ perspective where educated guesses and plausible hypotheses will be used instead of mysterious assumptions.

For example, we often say about mysterious happenings;

“Everything happens for a reason”.

The general way of understanding this phrase is that the “reason” here is unknown and not worth investigating. However, the perspective in this blog tends to take it a little further. The “reason” will be justified with further reasoning in such a way that we can then make some sense out of it or simply learn a lesson from it.

More like;

“There’s a reason for everything”.

This blog is for the following set of people:

  • The science illiterates that think science is too elaborate and there’s too much to know (this is true though – science as we know it, actually has no limits).
  • The science antagonists that believe science is against their personal religious beliefs.
  • The science protagonists that just want to slow down and ease off.
  • Most importantly, everyone.

We can’t guarantee any benefits because it’s a free access website and anyone reading will only be putting half as much mental effort as I have put into this… but we’re sure there will always be something to take away.

Now, with that being said…


4 thoughts on “Welcome to World Levelocity

  1. Good start and a welcome development in our Country, NIGERIA.

    We are looking forward for anticipated immeasurable contributions from all Stakeholders and well meaning Nigerians, home and abroad.

    Long live LEVELOCITY
    Long live Nigeria.

  2. I am optimistic that this platform will be a pivot for ideas (science) and national development.
    Can’t wait for the conversations!

    • Thank you very much for your optimism, your encouragement and your feedback. Please be sure to share with your friends and colleagues. I will do my best to meet your expectations.

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