2018: AI vs Sapient power


sapient |ˈsāpēənt|
1 formal wise, or attempting to appear wise.
• (chiefly in science fiction) intelligent: sapient life forms.
2 relating to the human species (Homo sapiens): our sapient ancestors of 40,000 years ago.
a human of the species Homo sapiens.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and will be a bit noisier this year.

We are tending towards exciting times and the race towards international development is going to be even more interesting as more big tech giants around the world continue to focus on Africa for growth and development.

The concerning concern of the subject matter now is how man (private, independent and public sectors) would collectively effect smart policies to keep AI from getting out of hands. We have heard of weird stories in 2017 about how bots and robots are starting to seem smarter than humans in reasoning and cognitive understanding … and how they might be threatening jobs in the western world. These are well understood concerns and directives on policy design would have to be towards making AI work for man without any kind of enslavement involved.

Zooming into Nigeria, social media started off with a positive vibe this year, even though it almost did not end on a great note when a nationwide fuel (PMS) scarcity was experienced during the Christmas period.

2017 also marked an end to certain interesting media disputes and hopefully blame games would be gone for good as well.
Overall, the orientation is looking better and there’s cause for a renewed hope.

There is hope for the social climate and Levelocity is currently looking at the possibility of leveraging the use of AI and social media as a hybrid tool to help fix power in Nigeria.

Contrary to western concerns, AI (with social media) will play a major part in creating jobs in Nigeria – the AI developed today does not have the ability to threaten Sapiens in their origin (Africa). Besides, the Nigerian power sector is still basking in the success of being able to bring the Azura power plant onto the grid just a few weeks ago. Similar achievements like this in Nigeria can only increase as a result of increased manpower.
In the Nigerian power sector, artificial intelligence will only come to play effectively in the field of the human resource logistics.

So my peeps, 2018 is great … and is a thriving year for our species.

Happy 2018 … for real though.

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