A global warning of a rapidly changing climate


It’s the start of a new decade in the dawn of a new millennium in the awareness of humankind. The world is experiencing a global pandemic with no acceptable (conspiracy) theories to connect or reveal the root cause. However, man with his natural survival instinct and resilience continues to adapt with the changing environment despite the uncertainties ahead.

The coronavirus attack on our species has challenged all aspects of our existence as cognitive beings. Although, we may have been able to deduce that there is a century-long reoccurrence pattern for global pandemics, it is apparent that application of just that knowledge is of limited use in the common understanding of our ecosystem.

Our beautiful planet, Earth – mother and home to billions of plant and animal species – is like a living organism. It literally moves around within the solar system and respires through naturally active vents, such as volcanoes. In the same way, it plausible that the planet would manifest irritability by reacting to stimulus created by physical impacts due to fossil fuel harnessing technologies… and you know, the rest leads to where we are today.

To evolve and get through these times, we need to evolve our economic visualization from the industrial revolution mindset to that of a globally digital economy. And we also need to upgrade our knowledge sharing narrative from an education system to one that not only organizes, but also curates knowledge. Finally, we need to improve more on our global health awareness, including that of our dear and beloved planet inside of which, we all inhabit.

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