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Race to Space (Tourism)

Race to Space (Tourism)

Hey guys,

Been a bit long here and I thought it was time to pick things up from where we left off last year.

So it’s a new world order now and we are starting to see the new normals in the media space #PunIntended. (Just trying to keep with the title… and the times).

So I have been following a lot of Space tech much closely these days (owing to my long-time interest in space science since when I was a kid #InSirBransonsVoice), and I am really and obviously very humbled by the successful accomplishments that came out of it – felt too good to be true, I almost wanted to fall behind one of my SSG Alumni mates that thinks there’s a possibility space travel may only still be a simulation … (let’s not even get into that right here – since we try to keep things professional at Levelocity ;).

So… you were probably wondering, why did I make this post sound like there’s a race story? Well, maybe because it’s also a trending DEI topic so I thought to kill 2 birds with one stone aha!

Or maybe you’re wondering how there’s a connection between energy and space? Well, the simple answer is “yes” but the real and complete answer is (wrapped within) another story for another day.

So why this topic, exactly?

Well, because I want this post to be read by as many great minds as possible and I figured maybe most would be keeping up (at the least, trying to) with the top technology advancements of our time. Smart eh?

Now allow me to share a few lessons I just learnt in the space world from watching online, the first 2 space tourism flights launched (literally) over the last 2 weeks in this month of July 2021.

⁃ “There are no specific rules set in the new order including space, at least at the beginning”: the race had already started even before the first take-off when Virgin Galactic announced an earlier launch date following the Blue Ocean’s announcement.

⁃ “Space Tech Industry is as huge as space itself”: with the rapid advancements made in automation and artificial intelligence in the tech-space, I had always wondered what humans could possibly spend their time doing if/when the ultimate global economic development goals are/were attained. Sounds like ‘space tech’ to me now.

⁃ “The Era of Space Travel marks the start of a new level of human awareness”… this is a story from the concept of ‘Creation’ and I would rather keep that within the conversation of an Expert in that area.

There are lots more lessons – I’m sure, but let’s keep them going in the comments please – would really love to get our readers’ thoughts in this our new normal. You can also add your comments to the LinkedIn post reference if you prefer.

Stay Safe, Keep Calm and Get Wavy #NewNormal #Space #Energy

Peace Out! ‘Deyo

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